The exhibition, which features three sculptors – Lauris Vītoliņš, Rihards Ābeltiņš, Ansis Dobičins, is united by the theme of reconstruction of places, feelings and events.

The world can be felt in different ways, it is converted and divided in our consciousness. The world is always in motion in which we can be spectators. The exhibition theme is this motion and its reconstructing, subjective recovery through memory and symbolic objects. Artists in their artworks and installations, each through their own prism, is expressing their vision of the environment, its interactions and interdependencies, exploring significance of uncertain events, the importance of communication, motion and routine in our lives.

Artworks are kinetic and interactive, each of them is having motion. The exhibition can be seen with a variety of senses – hearing, touch, smell, sight. Authors expresses their vision through different materials – plywood and metal constructions, infrastructure objects and communication device installations.

The exhibition is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation and the association “The Artists’ Union of Latvia”. Opportunity to hold an exhibition in the gallery of “The Artists’ Union of Latvia” for artists were presented as the main prize of the art exhibition “Autumn 2015 / Barricades 25” as for the most outstanding performance.

MOTIVES OR URBAN LIFE / RECONSTRUCTION rails, wheels 17x1,5x1,2m 2017

motorized wheel self moving creating sounds of railway. Riga, Latvia


metal, water (fountain) creating of rainy street sounds Riga, Latvia

STAR. Object is built of matter what couldn’t maintain its initial task as the roof of Viljandi Teatrihoov theatre. Although they are trying again to retain rational function what they only had knew, but as in life all depends on time and place , they have achieved their long-awaited ambition of being a star. While still carrying their bygone reminiscence of past they have become an object with previously unknown but still unfamiliar aesthetic function. Artist’s role was to be mediator between matter and viewer.

Work was made as part of “QQ VILJANDI ART FESTIVAL” environmental art programAugust, 2017, Viljandi, Estonia