7.07.2014 – 25.07.2014ANSIS DOBICINS / ELINA NIARCHOUexhibition at Primary School art centerIsternia,Tinos,Greece

The Place as a lived experience was the reason for the creation of these works and the route was the motive to construct this exhibition. If you look at the current artworks you will not recognize the fphysical orm of things as presented in our landscape, the objects and the images that arise from them are the result of the imagination of mind, which doesn’t stop to take its inspiration from the reality.

The collection of images and sounds and the recordings of our journey urged to process our material, for each of us with his specificity, and moved our view with an artistic proposal.

With stations Riga in Latvia and Tinos in Greece, involve in a geographical area which gives us the ability and interest to search elements which motivate us to start a common journey. Our imprints on this path which intersect with the history of the place and the impressions of other people formed a collage of different cultures. This diversity keeps the travelling interesting, provoke the unknown and transform the familiar.